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KWS takes cognisance of community driven projects as a form of livelihood improvement and wildlife resources responsibility that ensures their sustainability. KWS to this end assists organised communities living with wildlife to achieve the objectives of the local people sharing in the benefits of conserving natural resources while assuming responsibly for them. Classic examples for this are like the Ilngwesi etc.

Community based natural resource management

A big percentage  of Kenya’s wildlife is found outside protected areas at certain times during the year. KWS recognises that long term conservation of wildlife will not succeed without the full participation and involvement of local communities who host these wildlife on their land,  It is important also to note that involving these communities in sustainable wildlife conservation and management will ensure the future of this national heritage. Vision 2030 has tourism as one of the 5 pillars and wildlife is key.

KWS has since its inception been building partnerships with local communities and other agencies that share responsibility for the land and its wildlife as a positive step towards resolving / minimising conflicts and provision of direct benefits to these communities.

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