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Cycle with the Rhino 2011

Cycle with the Rhino

The Cycle with the Rhinos 2011 is a spectacular and unique sporting-cum-fundraising event taking place in the Lake Nakuru National Park. Whether cheering/spectating or cycling, you will get to enjoy the scenery and also view game in their natural habitat. The Cycle With Rhinos event is organized in collaboration with various organizations and the local business community. It’s a unique, 74km cycling race that you cannot afford to miss.

Funds Raised 2010 Cycle Event

The funds collected for the year 2010 was on the decline due to the economic crisis faced globally. Most organizations adjusted their budgets downwards since most of their economic activities faced south.

Cycle with the Rhino 2011 will feature;

  •  The Elite race, Amateur race and Junior race 
  •  Corporate Expo Village
  •  Kids  fun village
  • After event Party   


  • Elite cyclists        Kshs. 10,000 per rider
  • Amateur cyclists    Kshs. 2,000 per rider
  • Children’s Race    Kshs. 500 per rider (below 18yrs)
  • Corporate Team    Kshs. 50,000 per team (5 riders maximum)

The closing date for all Race Entries is 10th September 2011
ALL charges are standard and apply to Kenyan citizens, residents and foreigners (tourists)

Rules and Regulations
1)    An Entry Form along with the appropriate entry fee is to be submitted by the closing date on the entry form for riders to count in the series.

2)    Competitors who enter the series will be required to stand down and marshal one event or supply a marshal for their event in question.

3)    A Leaders Jersey will be presented to the overall Competition leader after stage One. The Leader will be determined on an overall finish time basis.

4)    Points will be awarded after each stage as follows   1st 100 pts, 2nd 80, 3rd 60, 4th 50, 5th 60 down to the final finisher.

5)    Any rider competing in a Race Series event is eligible to take away any awards. However only those riders entering the race by the closing date will qualify for the overall awards. 

6)    Competitors must sign on for each event at the designated Event Headquarters, which will open 1 hour before the scheduled event start. Signing on will close 30 minutes prior to the start. Any competitor who has failed to sign on by this time will be unable to start.

7)    Race numbers will be issued at the start of the race and competitors will retain this number for the entire race. It is their responsibility to keep it safe. It must be worn on the rear pockets of the Jersey.

8)    Should any Competitor wish to retire from the race, they must report to a race judge at any of the stages immediately.

9)    Alcoholic drinks or other food items except the designated water bottles are not to be handed up to riders during competition.

10)    The race judges will impose penalties on any rider who infringes race regulation or is deemed to be riding to the danger of other riders. These may take the form of a time penalty or disqualification. Appeals may be lodged in writing within thirty minutes of the stage results being posted and must be addressed FAO the Chief Commissar.

11)    A Neutral Service Vehicle will be provided where possible and endeavour to service riders. Competitors are required to provide their own wheels which must be labelled prior to handing them to the Neutral Service Team. 

12)    The event organizer is permitted at his discretion to run a “B” CATEGORY race in conjunction with the main event. However, entries into this event will be at the organiser’s discretion. The Same Rules apply.

13)    The series will run in accordance with the Technical Regulations of the Amateur Cycling Association of Kenya and it is the Competitors responsibility to familiarise themselves with these rules. The Chief Commissars decision is final!!                                                                             
Cycle with the Rhino
For booking please contact; 


Cycle with the Rhino Secretariat                    Kenya Wildlife Service
Lake Nakuru National Park            OR           Resource Mobilization Department
Tel: 0702185178                                                DL:020-2107457. ML: 0726610508/ 0735663421
Email:                                   Email:

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