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Cheptarit Hill and Old Camp Conservancy

Location:                    Next to Rimoi National Reserve-Kerio Valley

Conservation Area:   Central Rift


The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has in recent years been keen in involving local communities in the management of wildlife resources in their areas.  It is now common knowledge that for local communities to protect their natural resources, they must obtain some benefits from these resources as a means to improving their livelihoods.  KWS is therefore keen to assist and partner with communities to identify and develop optimal land uses (those that have high conservation and livelihood values).  In a bid to achieve this objective, KWS with the assistance of USAID has been involved in organizing studies and exposure tours for the local communities.  This has often involved taking members of the local communities to visit and learn from similar successful community based conservation initiatives elsewhere.  This has resulted in the target communities seeking ways of also benefiting from wildlife through initiation of similar projects.

Keiyo County Council (KCC), a Local Authority charged with conservation and management of wildlife and their habitats within the National Reserves manages the Reserve in Kerio Valley   Other than wildlife attractions, areas of natural beauty within and outside the protected area provides tourist attractions and form bases for various recreational activities. 

 Keiyo county Council in conjunction with KWS is stepping up its efforts to develop the tourism industry in the area as a key to ensuring nature conservation and offering alternative sources of income for the communities in the area.   Hence the need to develop and maintain sufficient and appropriate accommodation targeting the middle and upper levels of the domestic market as well as international tourist market.

Although elephants are the main mammalian herbivores, others include waterbuck, buffalo, bush buck, warthog, yellow baboon, impala, leopard, civet, genet, Serval and striped hyena in addition to a rich diversity of birds, reptiles and invertebrates.

Rimoi National Reserve

This Reserve provides unique geological scenery & biodiversity and is one of the few protected areas within the spectacular Kerio Valley.  Attractions include a remnant population of Elephants, Buffalo, Impala, nocturnal mammals and hundreds of bird species. The Reserve is located, 30 km from Iten town on the floor of the Kerio Valley.
Kenya Wildlife Service in collaboration with the County Council of Keiyo wish to invite prospective investors and developers to construct and manage tourism facilities in the following areas: -

Type of Facility
Proposed Lease Yrs

Rimoi 1 (former campsite)

Outside Rimoi N.R, Kerio Valley


Rimoi 2 (Cheptarit hill)

Outside Rimoi N.R, Kerio Valley

The successful developers will construct and operate the facilities in accordance with KWS regulations on tourist facilities in Protected Areas.

Cheptarit  Hill

Located near the Cheptarit Primary School, this isolated hill overlooks the expansive Kerio Valley.  The area is rich in culture and history.  Geological features and an amazing birdlife are some of the key attractions in the area.  The area has a steady supply of sparkling spring water.

Old Camp

This hill site is located at an old campsite.  It has a 360 degree view of the Kerio Valley.  Opportunities exist for eco-tourism by integrating camp activities with those of the local community.  Water supply to the camp already exists.

The areas are remote and far from the beaten path.  They offers tranquil Wildlife watching, a guided walking circuit. They are also quite close to the internationally recognized high-altitude training centres in Iten town. The wildlife includes crocodiles, elephants, primates, buffaloes, among others.  From the breathtaking Kabarnet escarpment to the Biretwo junction is about 50Km.  A cultural museum is set to be established at this junction.  The sites lie about 15-20km from this junction along an all-weather murram road.    The sites can also be accessed from Iten town.
Proposed Lodge

The property will consist of an eco-lodge with maximum of 24 beds on a maximum acreage of 25 acres.  Operators will be free to offer self-catering or full catering services depending on their target market.  The operators will be permitted to run a curio shop in conjunction with the community members.
The area has unique species of wildlife and ecosystems that will be attractive to both local and international tourists.  The main attraction is the groups of elephants, Culture and scenery of the Kerio valley.



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