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Past Newsletters

12_AUGUST-SEPTEMBER_2013 Porini Issue No.12 August - September 2013 (12_AUGUST-SEPTEMBER_2013: 9736 Kb)
11_JUNE_-_JULY_2013 Porini Issue No.11 June- July 2013 (11_JUNE_-_JULY_2013: 2062 Kb)
10_MARCH-APRIL_2013 Porini Issue No.10 March-April 2013 (10_MARCH-APRIL_2013: 2190 Kb)
9_JANUARY-FEBRUARY_2012 Porini Issue No.9 January - February 2013 (9_JANUARY-FEBRUARY_2012: 1799 Kb)
8_OCTOBER-NOVEMBER_2012 Porini Issue No.8 October -November 2012 (8_OCTOBER-NOVEMBER_2012: 4583 Kb)
7_AUGUST-SEPTEMBER_2012 Porini Issue No. 7 August - September 2012 (7_AUGUST-SEPTEMBER_2012: 2432 Kb)
6_JUNE_-_JULY_2012 Porini Issue No.6 June - July 2012 (6_JUNE_-_JULY_2012: 2246 Kb)
5_APRIL-MAY_2012 Porini Issue No.5 April-May 2012 (5_APRIL-MAY_2012: 2670 Kb)
4_JANUARY-_FEBRUARY_2012 Porini Issue No.4 January- February 2012 (4_JANUARY-_FEBRUARY_2012: 2268 Kb)
3_OCTOBER-NOVEMBER_2011 Porini Issue No.3 October-November 2011 (3_OCTOBER-NOVEMBER_2011: 2702 Kb)
2-AUGUST-SEPTEMBER_2011 Porini Issue No.2-August-September 2011 (2-AUGUST-SEPTEMBER_2011: 1940 Kb)


KWS in Msafiri
PDF Msafiri M88 May 2013 (PDF: 415 Kb)
PDF Msafiri M87 April 2003 (PDF: 395 Kb)
PDF Msafiri M86 March 2013 (PDF: 395 Kb)
PDF May - june Habari Wildlife in Msafiri magazine (PDF: 385 Kb)
PDF July to August 2011 (PDF: 381 Kb)
PDF March to April 2012 (PDF: 385 Kb)
PDF January to February 2012 (PDF: 381 Kb)
PDF November to December 2011 (PDF: 411 Kb)


KWS Science Bulletin epublication
PDF Science_Bulletin_eIssue2_June2012 (2) (PDF: 4165 Kb)
PDF Science Bulletin ePublication 1st ISSUE Feb 2012 (PDF: 3580 Kb)


There are no past newsletters currently


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