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Endowment Fund

Kenya Wildlife Service Trust Fund (Endowment Fund)

Kenya is not only home to the unbeatable long distance athletes but also, a destination renown for its famous flora and fauna. With over 800 rhinos, 33,000 elephants, 2400 African lions, 1,000 leopards and countless buffaloes; Kenya is arguably the ‘true home’ of the Big Five, in addition to being home to the 7th wonder of the world in the breathtaking Maasai Mara game reserve.

Our endowed country ranks second highest among African countries in bird and mammal species richness with our marine ecosystem hailed the world over.

Yet these bragging rights depend on what we as a country must do. The risk of losing it all has never been so stark real.
Cognizant of the fact that we protect a unique resource, we are launching a conservation endowment fund that will protect Kenya’s wildlife from future vagaries beyond our control for the present and future generations.

Objectives of the Trust Fund

The Trust Fund’s supreme objective is to provide a sustainable source of funding for wildlife conservation and its habitats to benefit present and future generations.
Other objectives include:-

  • Conservation, management and maintenance of national parks, reserves and sanctuaries
  • Development and review of management plans for national parks and reserves
  • Facilitation of research and monitoring activities
  • The protection of endangered and threatened wildlife species, habitats and ecosystems
  • Rehabilitation of degraded wildlife habitats and ecosystems
  •  Facilitation of community-based wildlife conservation initiatives
  • Conservation education and extension services to create public awareness
  • Research activities in the field of wildlife conservation and management

Management and use of the Trust Fund

  • Its core business is to support wildlife and conservation activities, which in case of any eventuality should be sustained
  • An independent board of trustees shall be appointed to manage the operations of the KWS conservation endowment.
  • This shall be guided by the trust deed that sets out the mandate, process and management of the resources. The Trust Deed follows in line with the provisions of the Act
  • The income generated shall be spent in accordance with the restrictions and specifications that will be set out in the trust deed.
  • The investment and management of the funds shall be outsourced to a specialised agency
  • The endowment fund shall be run by a qualified secretariat housed at the KWS resource mobilisation department

Supporting/Your Support for the Trust Fund

EVERY PENNY COUNTS towards creating a level of certainty for conservation and management of Kenya’s wildlife resources. Your support will supplement the downturn of conservation budgets in Kenya due to challenges of international economics.

In supporting Kenya Wildlife Service Trust Fund, you will be privileged to know you have given a hand to a cause that impacts on your generation and future generations. You will be providing a sustainable source of funding for wildlife conservation and its habitats.
Contribute and help to ensure that the Fund is set up and operational.

You can SUPPORT THE TRUST FUND as an INDIVIDUAL, ORGANISED GROUPS OR AS A CORPORATE using any of the following methods:


By email: e-mail to trustfund@kws.go.keto request for us to send you by return e-mail, an electronic TRUST FUND SUPPORT form which outlines directions.
By post or fax: Fill in one of TRUST FUND SUPPORT printed forms. This form can be downloaded or obtained from us.

Contact us on:
  Tel: +254 020 600800, 602345 (Ext 2128, 2119)

          P.O. Box 40241 00100
          NAIROBI, KENYA



Account Name: Kenya Wildlife Service, Endowment Fund Account
Account No.: 01044-330374-19
Bank: Standard Chartered Bank
Branch: Lang’ata
SwiftCode: SCBLKEN



A portion of the Fund’s income will be directed back to the agency annually to provide a guaranteed source of income, playing a pivotal role in creating a level of certainty for Kenya’s wildlife conservation and management efforts.


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