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Animal Adoption

Animal Adoption

Animal Adoption List

Animal: Giraffe
Nick Name:

Among the animals at the orphanage

Animal: Cheetah
Nick Name: Wendi and miujiza
Location: Nairobi National Park

Wendy and Miujiza who are both females. Initially there was a male cheetah but it died. Aged 6 months. Both were rescued on 12th May 2012.

Wendy was rescued in Meru conservancy. Miujiza was rescued in Maasai Mara after her mother and other 2 cubs were killed by a Lion but she escaped death. That’s how she came about to be called Miujiza.

They weigh around 35-45kgs.

Currently located at the Nairobi Safari Walk.

Animal: Cheetah
Nick Name: Bolt

After being found in Meru national park on the 11th of September where he had been abandoned by his mother and brought in to the orphanage. It was adopted by renown athlete Usain Bolt who named after himself. He has grown since and is playful and fond of people who visit the orphanage.

Crested Crane
Animal: Crested Crane
Nick Name:

These cranes were brought from Kitale as adults but they didn’t get along well with other parrots and cranes and so were kept secluded in another cage. They are noisier than the others. They love to do a lot of displays, bobbing their heads, dancing and jumping up and down leaping with their wings spread out.

Animal: Hyena
Nick Name:

On the 2nd of March 2011 at Riata primary school in Taita, two young striped hyenas that are only a few days old get rescued and are brought to the animal orphanage in the KWS headquarters. Ten months down the line have seen Taita (male) and Riata (female) grow and are now weighing 20kg each. They attract so much admiration from not only the orphanage staff but also from those who visit the animal orphanage.

Serval Cat
Animal: Serval Cat
Nick Name: Rosie

Rosie was brought on 26th September 2005 from Narok when she was one week old. She drank cow’s milk from a miniature bottle but wasn’t easy to feed.

Animal: Warthogs
Nick Name: Patricia and Patrick
Location: Aberdare National Park

Patricia and Patrick are two Warthogs. They were fed on milk every two hours and slept in a basin of a hay blanket and a hot water bottle to keep warm. Born on the 1st of August 2001, these siblings became orphaned only three (3) days later when their mother was killed by a lion in the Nairobi National Park. Now long-legged, level-backed, gray Warthogs, with broad faces and white cheek whiskers Patricia and Patrick enjoy an early morning bowl of hot porridge and later in the day a cooling mud bath.

Animal: Cheetah
Nick Name: Misty and Sharon
Location: Tsavo East National Park

The two cheetah siblings were rescued from the Tsavo East National park on 26th August 2003 after they lost their mother being only a few weeks old. They were taken care of day and night bottle feeding them after 4 hours and giving them lots of exercises. Their progress was monitored closely and since then they grown up trusting people and are very friendly. They are washed and played with everyday as they like lots of attention. They are fed with high quality meat plus bone meal supplemented with rabbit and chicken every day except on Monday.

Misty was adopted by Resolution Health on 3rd September 2010.

Animal: Lion
Nick Name: Kimana

One of the male lions in the Orphanage.


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